Virtual magic:
Magic at Home with magician Felix

Virtual Zoom Show

Magic at Home is the “new normal” for virtual events that do not want to miss out on entertainment. Especially in these challenging times, the magic of Felix Gauger creates unique wonders and mutual moments. Thus, virtual entertainment strengthens team spirit and virtual cooperation through collaborative experiences.

The virtual magic show of Felix Gauger is a digital magic show, which is streamed live and completely virtual via PC for your conference participants. Felix broadcasts from his studio at home and involve the guests in the magic show via PC.

The show can be broadcasted for example via zoom or teams. Besides visual magic, the audience experiences a lot of interactive mental magic and amazing tricks. In a virtual magic show, every single audience member has a front-row seat and the zoom format is used to make the magic even stronger. In many ways, these virtual shows can be even more intimate than a live in-person magic show. Virtual shows can also be run on WebEx, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Rooms, and more.

The artist

Felix became German Champion in bar magic in 2011 in the Business Magic category and is a two-time winner of the magic battle in Germany. Felix is also a member of the magic circle of Germany. Now you have the possibility to let him accompany your event live.
Magician Felix Gauger has inspired and enchanted guests around the world at more than 1,000 events in recent years. In addition to cruise ships, corporate events, family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, and resorts, the artist has enchanted his guests from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia and has created a couple of amazing effects.

Show Options

Silver Edition

Felix Gauger incorporates the products and corporate message into the magic show. Together with you, a briefing is held in advance to determine which products are to be used and which messages are to be conveyed. The magician can also magically accompany your product lunch, magically congratulate your company boss on his birthday, promote employees in the show or thank them magically. The duration of the show is variable between 15 and 40 minutes. 20-30 minutes have proven to be ideal.

Gold Edition

In addition to the Zoom Magic Show, there is also the possibility to send a small magic package to the employees in advance. The goodie bag contains magic effects which the employees learn together with the magician after the show and rehearse them live. For example, this could be a card trick branded with the company logo. Talk to Felix Gauger about individual solutions. With a little preparation time, you will receive an individually created trick branded with your company logo.

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"Felix Gauger is incredibly good, the best magic I have seen so far! He was announced as a highlight and has exceeded all expectations".


"Thanks for the great show! Everyone was totally enthusiastic. HOW DO YOU DO IT!!? I'm still wondering."


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